Quality vegetable chips without artificial colours nor flavours. Made with selected varieties and under a careful production process in order to guarantee the maximum quality that defines our good product.

Our Vegetables

We are fully committed to quality and flavor. We opt whenever possible for local ingredients to guarantee the maximum positive impact both for the guarantee of product quality and for the local and economic development of the territory. Years of experience and different projects of R&D give us full guarantee for the correct development of different products and varieties, being some of the following our main vegetables used:

Orange sweet potato

The orange sweet potato is an ancient root with a high content of vitamin A. In our region it is cultivated during the hot months and it is tradition to eat them in autumn. Ipomoea batata is its Latin name but at a colloquial level it is also called batata or camote, depending on the region of the world.


The beetroot is a vegetable that gives natural sweetness and intense red colour to our chips. It is a tuber of Mediterranean origin that has been cultivated here since the Middle Ages. It is rich in vitamin B and antioxidants, very beneficial for health.

Purple sweet potato

Unforgettable purple chips, definitely the most elegant. It is a variety of sweet potato with a very intense crunch and aromatic taste reminiscent of Mediterranean herbs.


The parsnip is white, sweet, with an aniseed point and very original spice. We add in our chips a point of black pepper to highlight the aroma that characterizes it. It is a vegetable rich in fiber and potassium. As the Latin name Pastinaca sativa indicates, it is a member of the carrot family.

Stripe beetroot

One of our star chips, probably the most glamorous. Known as Chioggia betroot, it has a sweet, intense flavour, slightly bitter and it is red with white circles.

White sweet potato

A soft-flavoured sweet potato with white-coloured pulp that gives a light colour contrast to the mix of chips.


Parsnip, beetroot and orange sweet potato chips with black pepper

Purple and orange sweet potato chips

Chioggia beetroot, orange sweet potato and potato chips

Organic orange sweet potato chips

Artichoke chips


Experience & Know How

We are the single brand in the territory specialized in vegetable chips production. Our careful production to guarantee the best product defines us, together with our years of experience and R&D developments.

What does Mikso mean?

Mikso means "mix" in the Esperanto language. The concept was born from the mix of different products, people and ways of thinking. We have chosen the Esperanto language because it is precisely a language that seeks to join people from all over the world, understanding that we are all different.

Our values

Quality & Commitment

Our goal is to offer the best product on the market.


100% natural ingredients, without artificial colours nor flavours


Vegetable chips made with innovative recipes, crunchier and lighter, and with the best flavor of vegetables



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